Philip Temple


Presenting New Zealand: An Illustrated History

Presenting New Zealand - An Illustrated History

Handsomely illustrated, this new edition of Presenting New Zealand draws on historical artworks and archive photography to create a visual and informative account of how the country has developed in relative isolation into the independent nation that the rest of the world recognises today.

Beginning with the huge rifts of prehistoric times that tore New Zealand’s parental land mass away from the supercontinent of Gondwana, the book traces the arrival of the first Polynesian canoes, the exploration and subsequent settlement by Europeans and goes on to outline the conflict engendered by the ensuing cross-cultural encounters. The country’s modern-day social, economic and political achievements are then analysed in Philip Temple’s lively and lyrical account of the growth of this remarkable country.

Historical publications are often heavy reading, but Philip Temple has produced an extremely informative and enjoyable read that, in 10 chapters and 160 pages, gives a concise regional profile of the country’s development. Well recommended. Southland Times.

Imagery from the past is selected and reproduced to an impeccably high standard with a wonderfully concise and engaging narrative from a highly respected writer. Wairarapa Times-Age.

Trade Paperback: 160 pages (A4). Publisher: New Holland 2008.

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