Philip Temple


High Country New Zealand

Many know New Zealand’s High Country for its majestic scenery – the snow-cloaked mountains, braided rivers and tussock grasslands shaped by millions of years of natural events and centuries of exploration and settlement by both Māori and Europeans. With its rich human heritage and mythology, the ever-changing South Island High Country is central to the country’s psyche and identity.

Yet few have experienced day-to-day life in these remote regions. Regions where high-tech farming methods are used alongside tools an early settler would recognise, where animals play a central role, where hours are long and income can be short, and where everyday livelihoods are at the mercy of the weather.

This lavish publication from Te Papa tells the story of the High Country today and the people who live and work there. It comprises more than 300 superb photographs from Antonia Steeg, supplemented by an evocative and informative introduction and seasonal essays by Philip Temple.

Hardback: 320 pages. Publisher: Te Papa Press 2012.

Purchase: Bookshops and the publisher.