Philip Temple


The Explorer

The Explorer

For many years Jimmy Duncan has explored the tangled ranges of New Zealand’s West Coast. Now he is really too old for the tough life demanded of a 19th century explorer. But those close to this solitary man know that to deny Duncan the chance of once more exploring the mountains that have swallowed his life, would be as much a death warrant as any that might be administered by avalanche, storm or flood. So Duncan is allowed to go, alone, to search for the undiscovered mountain pass.

The Explorer is more than the story of an ageing man alone. It examines the relationship of man to mountain and the motives for exploration. Based on the real-life character of the great West Coast explorer, Charlie Douglas, the novel is a gripping tale of survival; authentic and ultimately full of hope.

Hardback: 144 pages. Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton 1975.

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