Philip Temple


Articles & Reviews

Philip Temple’s first press article appeared in 1961 and over the succeeding half century he has contributed to all of New Zealand’s magazines and newspapers and written for international publications such as Reader’s Digest. His principal themes have been travel and adventure, conservation, electoral reform and Berlin and Germany. 
A selection of his more recent published articles and reviews are included here.


Ed Hillary
Berlin and Germany
  • The Empty Heart of Berlin - This article appeared in the Otago Daily Times in June 2010. (download PDF)
  • Never Ending Stories -This article appeared in the New Zealand Listener in May 2004.  (download PDF)
  • The Morning After - These  two articles about Die Wende appeared in New Zealand newspapers in 1990, soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They were later translated and included in Dies ist eine wahre Geschichte, an anthology of writing by New Zealand authors in Berlin (DAAD/Goethe-Institut 2002). (download PDF)
MMP - New Zealand's electoral system 
  • MMP Review: Pollies Should Butt Out - This article appeared in the Otago Daily Times and NZ Herald in August 2012, following the announcement of the Electoral Commission’s recommendations for reforming New Zealand’s electoral system. (download PDF)
  • MMP Review - Philip Temple’s submission to the Commission’s 2012 review. (download PDF)


photo by Maja Moritz